Meet the original Malaysian taste in our new e-liquid line!
Brand new and already top-selling summer e-liquid line
produced on the all original Malaysian flavors.
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What you should know about
e-liquid lines by Cinderella?
4 lush e-liquid lines

22 select recipes from hundreds of different options. In total more than six months of our mixologist's work allowed to develop very rich tastes that both surprise and fit for every day.
Premium quality

For each of our e-liquid lines we use the best ingredients which we import from the USA, Malaysia and Germany. This very method lets us control the quality of a manufacturing product.
Affordable prices

We are constantly working on optimization and strive to offer the most pleasant prices for our products. Our philosophy is to make vaping tasty and safe, as we really appreciate our customers and their feedback.
Original Malaysian flavors in composition = very bright, authentic and recognizable taste of this
e-liquid line
Each box of this e-liquid is staffed with a cooler booster with help of which it's easy to make it cold and get a cooling effect
Unscrewing nozzle of the bottle makes it very easy to add a nicotine or cooler booster to the e-liquid
Mass-media on Cinderella?
All flavors got a positive feedback from the tasters. This outcome is quite uncommon among other manufacturers and their production, that happens though. The production range is well-balanced, mixes are intense and quite close to natural flavors. The testers couldn't come up with their favorite flavor because they are all so special. There is a wide range of flavors: from the ripe apple and the fanciest mango to Haribo jellies with a great pineapple background.
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the biggest vaping media in Russia
The Cinderella e-liquid line is pleasant to every mouth. The intensity of its flavors is non-intrusive so you'll never get tired of vaping it on a day-to-day basis. The design and presentation of the Cinderella product is also quite engaging. First of all, each bottle is wrapped in a carton box. Secondly, the liquids are bottled in special gorilla-like bottles, well-shut with an aluminum lid – the normal nozzle cap is also included in the packaging. The manufacturer offers a user-friendly cap without covering the bottles with plastic for a handy and safe process of pouring nicotine in the e-liquid.
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It goes without saying that Cinderella Juice made a high quality product that is undoubtedly to be noteworthy. The design and its presentation are on the highest level. You definitely want to buy our product with such a good look. Mixes and aromas are well-balanced. Although one of the flavors I didn't find to be specifically «mine», those who are fans of fruit juice flavors can feel free to buy up the whole product line.
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Mixology and flavoring in vaping
Что говорят блогеры о Cinderella?
Mass-media on OHM NOM NOM:
OHM NOM NOM is the perfect e-liquid line. It has a cute design which is ready to melt every heart even a brave man with a beard. If your budget doesn't allow you to enjoy american e-liquids, but receptors strive for new feelings – you should pay attention to this e-juice line then. Recommended price is only 490 russian rubles.
Viva la Cloud
the biggest vaping media in Russia
The line of OHM NOM NOM was just a success! Balanced mixes that you need to vape every day ... Design of the packaging, design of the labels, 120 milliliters for only 490 Russian rubles and a small sticker as a gift - what else is needed for happiness?
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After the initial Cinderella line, my expectations for a new liquid were quite high as the last time guys got a budget, beautiful and delicious e-liquid The new line did not disappoint as well: the manufacturer managed to make it cheaper and brighter.Tastes are very diverse: for the fans of classics there is a biscuit and a lemon pie flavour, and those who are looking for something new will like a mix of nuts and apple or pine needles with tea flavour. Packaging and bottles is a real five star. In conclusion, we note that at the price of 490 rubles in the dessert segment there is a very little competition, so you can count on the success of the line.
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Mixology and flavoring in vaping
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E-com stores, where you can order Cinderella:
You can find Cinderella at any local vapeshop in your area. Ask at the counter.
E-com stores, where you can order OHM NOM NOM:
You can find OHM NOM NOM at any local vapeshop in your area. Ask at the counter.
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